Stop Waiting For Someone Else To Solve Your Leadership Problem

The pandemic birthed a multitude of secondary pandemics.

One of significance is how leaders are currently making decisions and solving problems.

During the early stages of the pandemic, leaders spent so many days, weeks, and months second-guessing and being second-guessed that a version of analysis paralysis set in for good.

More than ever before, I am watching leaders stare down the barrel of a problem, but rather than solving it, they are waiting on some other leader in some other organization to make the first move. They’ve developed a habit of abdication.

Rather than waiting on some other leader who doesn’t know your specific situation or problem to offer a solution for you to mimic, ask yourself these 5 problem-defining questions and start making some decisions.

In this NEW POST, I give you these 5 questions and some additional thoughts on leadership decision-making.