Founding an organization is like building a plane and testing it out. When it’s ready, and you’re ready. 

On the other hand, stepping into an organization or team someone else created feels more like jumping into a moving plane. The plane is full of people. You must get to know your new copilots, maintain direction, and keep it aloft. 

Most of us won’t start something new. We’ll inherit something old.

Big Shoes to Fill, by Gavin Adams, helps leaders: 

  • Understand the tensions and problems associated with leading what’s inherited,
  • Create a learning environment that expedites trust, and
  • Guide everyone experiencing the transition through the normative emotions of change.



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  5. Stepping In as A New C-Suite Leader
  6. Supporting New Leaders from HR
  7. Following A Leader in the Academic Arena
  8. Stepping Into a New Church Leadership Role
  9. Following A Previous Elected Official
  10. Stepping in as a New Coach


  • 25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a New Leadership Opportunity
  • 10 Questions to Better Understand Your Inherited Team
  • 10 Questions to Better Understand the Organizational Context

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Praise for Big Shoes To Fill...

I worked closely with Gavin for over 10 years. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur and leader. His authenticity and experience make Big Shoes to Fill a must-read.

– Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Ministries

Pragmatic, proven, and powerful! In Big Shoes to Fill, Gavin draws from his deep well of personal experiences to help leaders accelerate their success.

– Mark Miller, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Culture Rules

Gavin’s authenticity and experience make Big Shoes to Fill a must-read for leaders. I’ve personally watched him lead for the last 15 years and know that you will be encouraged by this book!

– Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of All it Takes is a Goal

I started a company from scratch with no money. Long before that, I led a well-established and well-funded organization that is one of the oldest in the city of Houston. Hands down, the more difficult task was leading something I didn’t start. And it’s the task most leaders will face. If that’s you, get a copy of Big Shoes to Fill today. I wish I had a copy all those years ago.

– William Vanderbloemen, Founder and CEO, Vanderbloemen

Most leaders don’t start with a fresh slate; instead, they inherit something stale…a team, a process, or perhaps an entire organization. If you find yourself in that spot, Big Shoes to Fill, by Gavin Adams, offers you a concrete approach.

– Cheryl A Bachelder, Author of Dare to Serve: How To Drive Superior Results by Serving Others

Big Shoes to Fill includes leadership lessons and stories from experienced leaders who have stepped into leader roles without stepping in it.

Cheryl Bachelder

former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Chicken

Frank Blake

former CEO of The Home Depot

Tensley Almand

president and CEO of Atlanta Mission

Frank Wren

former Major League Baseball general manager

William Vanderbloemen

CEO and founder of Vanderbloemen Search Group

David “Dave” M. Katz

president and COO of Coca-Cola Consolidated

Samer Massad

lead pastor of Woodstock City Church

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Dr. Gavin Adams serves marketplace and ministry leaders as a communicator, coach, and strategic organizational consultant.

After a decade of consulting in the marketplace, Gavin transitioned into ministry, where he helped plant a church, revitalize a church, pastor a rapidly growing church, pastor a mega-church, and lead a campus of North Point Ministries.

Gavin has an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a Master of Theology and Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty University.

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