The Church Accelerator Process

The death of cultural Christianity combined with a growing indifference to faith necessitates a new, more intentional church strategy.

Let's partner together to
DISCOVER your current reality,
DESIGN an improved strategy, and
DELIVER a successful solution.

The world has changed.
Your community has changed.
This means your ministry model must change, too.
If your current model is perfectly designed for a previous time, it’s time to change, or you will fall behind.

“When the rate of change in your community exceeds the adaptability of your church, the only outcome is irrelevance.

– Gavin Adams

“As a coach, Gavin’s external perspective clarified our vision and helped us build a better model for our community. As a mentor, his ministry experience allows him to encourage our team while providing unique insight. RCC is better because of Gavin. And I am a better pastor, leader, and communicator because of our relationship.”

Paul Smith
Senior Pastor, Rivertown Community Church - Marianna, FL

How we partner together

Each consulting process happens in three distinct phases. 


We partner with you to discover your reality by assessing your current ministry model, metrics, and church culture.


From your current reality, we work together to design an improved and customized ministry model and strategy.


Turning information into application is the secret to success.

Working on your church is challenging when you're so busy working in it. That's where I can help.

Hi. I’m Dr. Gavin Adams, a strategic consultant and leadership partner focused on adding more intention to your church mission.

After a decade in the marketplace, I spent the next 15 years leading a church. On my first Sunday as a lead pastor of Woodstock City Church, we had 200 people and $400 in the bank. With plenty of intentionality, our church expanded to 5,000 weekly attendees while portable and then to 8,000 per week after moving into our first building. 

During my 15 years of church leadership, I learned how to systematically:

Are you ready to add more intention to your mission?
The pandemic didn’t kill our discipleship programs. These approaches and programs stopped working long ago.
It’s time to evaluate our current approach and consider new, modern options.
Improving your approach doesn’t have to be daunting. The better you understand how each physical and digital channel is best utilized, the more clarity you’ll have.
Without a comprehensive, omnichannel ministry method, you’ll have:

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Consulting Partnership Specialties

I prefer the term “partnership” over consultant.

Consultants evaluate and suggest solutions. I’ll certainly help you there.

But I’d prefer we build a working, relational partnership to discover what’s happening in your church, design unique, custom strategies and models, and deliver our solutions. I’m with you the entire way. 

Church Growth & Discipleship Engagement
Our church problems aren’t digital versus physical. Our issues are societal
 and cultural.
Learn More
Church Generosity & Capital Campaigns
In too many churches, funding the mission has become the mission.
Learn More
Church & Organizational Leadership
We often are so consumed working in it that we can't find time to work on it.
Learn More
Preaching & Speaking
If we want people to engage with our communication, we must intentionally combine what we say and how we say it.
Learn More
Strategic Planning
Any success outside of a strategy is accidental and unrepeatable.
Learn More
Change & Transition Leadership
New ideas and innovations require people to let go of what they know to embrace what’s new.
Learn More
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Trusted Clients

Organizational "Life Cycles" don't have to define your organizational life.

Together, we can recycle your organization with updated strategies and models.

Most organizations start, grow, and thrive before slowly stagnating into decline. The problem isn’t your organization.  It’s your strategies, methods, and plans. 

Your current strategy was most likely created for a previous reality. Models are built for moments. 

To restart your organization, let’s reset your strategy.