5 Leadership Methods to Start Preparing for an Eventual Ending

My last Sunday at Woodstock City Church was August 1.

I’ve had that date circled on my calendar for several months.

It can feel that the race to end well begins when an ending date is defined. The ending date sets a public finish line, giving you a target to run strong through the tape.

Unfortunately, and to stick with the race analogy, finishing well is more about race preparation than the race itself. The finish line may mark the end of your time in the organization, but your race success is determined long before the race even begins.

You probably aren’t leaving your church or company soon, but you will one day. If you want to end well, you need to prepare now. Your leadership race to end well begins today.

In this NEW POST, I outline 5 leadership methods to start preparing for an eventual ending.

I realize it doesn’t feel urgent, but it’s extremely important. When you do eventually transition, you’ll be so grateful you began preparing now.

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