Creating and Sustaining The Big Mo — Breaking Free in 2023

I LOVE talking about gaining and sustaining momentum.

Before we get to that, just one quick note.

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— 206% Increase in NEW GIVERS,
— 62% Increase in TOTAL GIVERS,
— 26% Growth in TOTAL GIVING, and
— 112% Increase in RECURRING GIVERS!

That’s crazy. But it’s not complicated.

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We’ve arrived at post number three to break free in 2023. 

In this conversation, let’s talk about gaining and sustaining momentum.

Let’s begin with a question: When it comes to momentum, do you have “it?” Or perhaps a better question is, “What is “it?” 

Momentum is one of the best things to have, most challenging things to keep, and complicated things to create.

At least, that’s what we’ve always thought. Momentum isn’t all that elusive. The word itself gives us all the information we need to create what we so desperately want.

4 Fundamentals of Effective Discipleship Pathways

We’re going to look at church model strategy and intentionality for a series of posts. Stay tuned and subscribe to follow along.

TO GET US STARTED: 4 Fundamentals of Effective Discipleship Pathways

If we hope to create an intentional and strategic pathway to discipleship, we need to understand (1) how to best define “discipleship” and (2) the fundamentals of the journey.

Growing disciples through a buffet of programs and events is no longer possible. Today’s world requires more intentionality.

To begin constructing our pathway, we must begin with the foundation.

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