Could Getting Better Be The Secret to Getting Bigger?

Feeling stuck in your growth efforts? This post reveals why focusing on improvement, as demonstrated by Chick-fil-A’s success story, could be your key to unlocking bigger achievements. Find out how getting better can lead to getting bigger.

Getting Bigger by Getting Better

A long time ago I heard a story from the board room of Chick-fil-A’s corporate headquarters. Their competition was quickly growing, and their leadership wanted to maintain their market share and competitive advantage. You can read the entire post for the full story, but the conversation ended with then CEO Truett Cathy exclaiming, “If we get better, our customers will demand we get bigger!”

I realize you are not running the best chicken sandwich restaurant in the world, but Truett’s statement is true of whatever you are leading.

In this post, I explain why restarting your church might be the most dangerous thing you can do and what questions you need to answer to prepare to get better.

Last thing: Getting better will require change, and change isn’t to be taken lightly. This is exactly why I created Transformation Solutions. At Transformation Solutions, we help churches discern what needs to change and coach pastors through the challenge of change. If you are ready to get better, I’d love to support you and your church through the process of evaluation and execution.

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