Masterclass Experience: Preaching With Purpose


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Are you ready to bring your best self and best content to your next sermon?

I created the Purpose of Preaching Masterclass Experience to help you maximize your communication style and skill. This live small group experience will help you better understand the art and science of preaching AND help you bring your best self to your next sermon.

Masterclass Details
  • Five 1-Hour Sessions over 5 weeks.
  • PLUS One Individual Session.
  • That’s 6 HOURS of time we’ll spend together!
  • Groups limited to 10 churches to increase the personalization.
  • Don’t worry if you miss a session! Recorded replays are available to all participants.
  • Plus, FREE RESOURCES, including a Message Starter Outline that makes creating a content journey effortless, Evaluation Tools for self-evaluation and peer evaluation, Presentation Style descriptions and suggestions, Series Creation Framework and Meeting Schedules to create more margin for excellence, 5 Sample Sermons, Sample Slides for teaching screens and confidence monitors, and 4 Complete Sermon Series YOU CAN PREACH TODAY!



Masterclass Structure

I will provide a calendar link and Zoom invite for each session. As you’ll note, a recording of the session content is included here. There is no need to watch anything before our first session. These videos are only provided for your future review.

Module Details

MODULE 1: In our first conversation, we’ll focus on the purpose of preaching. If we can define the purpose, we can build a better process.

MODULE 2: With our purpose defined, we’ll focus on the scriptural elements of preaching and teaching in our second session.

If you regularly preach, this session is specifically designed for you. However, if you communicate in any ministry setting, I encourage you to watch this session. As church leaders, we all inevitably invoke the Bible in our content. Knowing how to do that correctly is important. Yet, there’s more than just accurate interpretation. That’s what we’ll cover in this conversation.

MODULE 3: Great communication is a combination of compelling content and engaging presentation. Using an interpretive system is part of discovering compelling content, but it’s only part of what’s necessary. In our third conversation, we focus on creating a compelling content journey.

MODULE 4: Great presentation of your content journey is critical to creating great communication. No matter how wonderful your content is constructed, content alone can’t save a poor presentation.

MODULE 5: In our final conversation, we’ll discuss the best practices for preparation. I’ve never heard a communicator or team suggest they had too much margin. Margin is a communicator’s best friend. In this session, I’ll help you incorporate a systematic approach to series and message creation that will help you and your team be at your best.