Preaching with Purpose Masterclass Session Five

SESSION FIVE  In our final conversation, we discussed some best practices for preparation. I’ve never heard a communicator or team suggest they had too much margin. Margin is a communicator’s best friend. In this session, we considered a systematic approach to series and message creation that will help you and your team be at your […]

Preaching with Purpose Masterclass Session Three

SESSION THREE  Great communication is a combination of compelling content and engaging presentation. Using an interpretive system is part of discovering compelling content, but it’s only part of what’s necessary. In our third conversation, we focused on creating a compelling content journey.     BEFORE SESSION FOUR:  When you review the sample sermons available in […]

Preaching with Purpose Masterclass Session Four

SESSION FOUR  Great presentation of your content journey is critical to creating great communication. No matter how wonderful your content is constructed, content alone can’t save a poor presentation.   BEFORE SESSION FIVE:  When you consider the presentation style chart, where do you naturally land? When you asked friends about your natural presentation style, did […]

Preaching with Purpose Masterclass Session Two

SESSION TWO  With our purpose grounded in application that leads to transformation, we focused on the scriptural elements of preaching and teaching in our second session. This session was specifically designed for preaching. However, if you communicate in any ministry setting, I encourage you to consider the implications of this session. We all inevitably invoke […]

Preaching with Purpose Masterclass Session One

SESSION ONE  In our first conversation, we focused on the purpose of preaching. If we can define the purpose, we can build a better process.   BEFORE SESSION TWO:  Considering your next teaching moment, ask yourself the critical question: What are people supposed to do with what they’ve heard? How well do you intuitively include […]

Preaching With Purpose Masterclass Overview

ARE YOU READY TO PREACH WITH A GREATER PURPOSE?  I created this masterclass to help you grow as a communicator. Communication is part art and science. The greatest communicators maximize their personal potential by understanding the science of communication while refining their personal style. That’s our goal in this course. Go ahead and watch the […]