Funding Funnel Session Five

SESSION FIVE  By implementing a system such as the funding funnel, you can make generosity an outcome, not your objective. In our final conversation, we’ll consider how capital campaigns and year-end giving play a role in our funding funnel. One note before you begin the final conversation: I work with a variety of churches to […]

Funding Funnel Session Four

SESSION FOUR  Giving is a spiritual conversation, not a financial one. The entire funding funnel is built as a discipleship journey, allowing people to move forward spiritually while inspiring them to live generously. In our fourth session, we’ll discover what’s happening in our church today, design a complete strategy to move generosity forward, and learn […]

Funding Funnel Session Three

SESSION THREE  Inspiring non-givers to tip is exactly how a generosity movement begins for an individual. But that’s just our first step. Giving may be incremental, but generosity is a lifestyle. In our third session, we’ll expand the movement to consider how to best inspire people to step through the rest of the funding funnel. […]

Funding Funnel Session Two

SESSION TWO  Now that you understand the five giving categories and defined your category boundaries, we are ready to move into our next conversation. In this session, we’ll focus on moving non-giver to emotional tippers. Specifically, we’ll evaluate why people tip so we can consider ideas that can inspire your non-givers to take this first […]

Funding Funnel Session One

SESSION ONE  In our first conversation, we’ll focus on why it’s so challenging to engage generosity, common pitfalls, our generosity goal, and our giving categories.   BEFORE YOU BEGIN SESSION TWO:  Define your boundaries within the categories. NOTE: In the free course materials, you can download my suggested boundaries for each category, but your community […]

Funding Funnel Course Overview

ARE YOU READY TO CREATE A FUNDING SYSTEM?  Systems add intention to your mission. That’s why you need a generosity system like the Funding Funnel. Success is accidental and unrepeatable without a system, and failure is less fixable. I created this course to help you design a holistic system for growing generosity in your church. […]