Unlock the Secrets to Fully Funding Your Church and Inspiring a Generosity Journey.


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Giving problems are spiritual problems.
And spiritual problems require
structural and systematic solutions.  

Without a generosity system, you’ll never fully fund your mission or wholly develop disciples.

Churches that maximize giving are the churches that systematize a generosity journey. 

The FUNDING FUNNEL is a practical, proven, and intentional system that leads people along a spiritual and sequential generosity journey. 

The consequences of ignoring generosity are significant.

If you don't have a system to inspire sequential giving and support generosity journeys, your church will experience: 

On my first Sunday as a Lead Pastor, our church had only $400 in the bank! 

Hi. I’m Dr. Gavin Adams, a strategic consultant and leadership partner focused on adding more intention to your church mission.

After a decade in the marketplace, I spent the next 15 years leading a church. If you’re struggling to fund your church, I GET IT! 

It took a lot of work and systems to eventually grow and manage a church budget of $9 million. 

During my 15 years of church leadership, I learned how to systematically:

Join Our Community of Satisfied Clients

“These past few weeks have been so rich. Your content is fabulous. It’s new. It’s fresh and massively helpful. But beyond that, your posture… the way in which you relate to our leaders, has been a lesson in itself. You’ve shown amazing kindness of spirit and generosity. We are beyond grateful.”

Duncan Banks
Network Director, Further Faster Network - UK

“In just two months, 122 people gave to Centerpoint Church for the very first time, and we added 18 new recurring givers! Working with Gavin on our generosity system gave us a plan to grow giving and fully fund our church.”

Bryant Golden
Senior Pastor, Centerpoint Church - Tampa, FL

“To fully fund your mission,
you need a generosity system.”

– Gavin Adams


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The FUNDING FUNNEL system will help you:

In addition to all this insanely practical content,
you'll also get FREE RESOURCES:

I created the FUNDING FUNNEL to help you make generosity an outcome, not an objective!

Your mission should never be hindered by funding challenges. Join me in this Masterclass Group Experience and Video Course to add more financial intention to your mission.


Uncover the challenges of engaging generosity, set generosity goals, and define giving categories.


Inspire non-givers to take their first step towards generosity.


Expand the generosity movement and inspire further steps in the funding funnel.


Turn giving into a spiritual conversation and design a strategy for progress.


Explore the role of capital campaigns and year-end giving in your funding funnel.

There are five types of givers in your church.
We tend to categorize people into two groups: Givers and Non-givers. But these categories don’t provide enough information to develop a systematic approach to move people to generosity. 
There are five categories of givers in your church: 
The better you understand how people think in each category, the better you’ll understand how to inspire people to take their next step.  

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