I help leaders work ON it,
not just IN it.

Leaders create and innovate.
Managers organize and orchestrate.
Where are you spending your time?

As a ministry or marketplace leader, it feels impossible to work on what's next when you're consumed by what's now.

Where do you need to work ON it?


Your message is too important to be missed by your audience. 


Your organization can’t thrive tomorrow if you aren’t leading well today.


To fully fund your church’s mission, you need an intentional generosity system. 


Our church problems aren’t digital versus physical, but societal and cultural.

Thousands of leaders just like you are working to add more intention to their mission.

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.


Working on your church is challenging when you're too busy working in it.

That's where I can help.

Does any of this sound familiar?

About Me...

Hi. I'm Dr. Gavin Adams, an author, communicator, strategic consultant, and leadership coach helping leaders and pastors work on it, not just in it.

After business school, Gavin spent a decade working as a strategist and change management consultant.

During his 15-year ministry journey, he helped plant a church, revitalize a church, pastor a rapidly growing church, lead a mega-church, and lead a campus for a multi-site church.

Gavin’s unique and uncommon experience gives him a holistic understanding of the challenging nature of leadership.

Gavin has an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a Masters of Theology and Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty University.

Join the growing number of leaders working ON it, not just IN it.

As a coach, Gavin’s external perspective brings clarity to our current model and vision for our future dreams. As a mentor, his ministry experience allows him to encourage our team while providing unique insight. RCC is better because of Gavin. And I am a better pastor, leader, and communicator because of our relationship.

Paul Smith

Senior Pastor of Rivertown Community Church – Marianna, FL

Gavin has fast-tracked my leadership growth. His unique insights around strategy, vision, and organizational change have been invaluable. His coaching has given me clarity on multiple strategic decisions that ultimately improved our organization. In addition, his coaching of our team has helped in the development of our overall leadership culture. My relationship with Gavin has been well worth it.

Bryant Golden

Senior Pastor of Centerpoint Church — Tampa, FL

If you are the kind of leader who wants to be a ‘fisher of men’ rather than ‘the keeper of the aquarium’ then Gavin will show you how to grow your church. Step by step, decision by decision. Six months of Gavin's coaching has proved to me this really does work in bringing genuine change & momentum to a church of any size. So start a convo with him now. Honestly, your church will be really glad you did!

Duncan Banks

Director, The Further Faster Network - UK & Ireland

Gavin has been instrumental in my growth as a leader. He is one of the most strategic thinkers I have ever met. More, he is incredibly responsive to any request I have. I know that Gavin is FOR Wiregrass Church and me. I am becoming a better leader because of his coaching.

Adam Roberson

Lead Pastor of Wiregrass Church — Dothan, AL

Let's see if working together works for you...

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The RESOURCE HUB is where you can find FREE RESOURCES, Courses, Masterclasses, and Downloadable Products


Everything I offer is designed to help leaders of all kinds. The best way to begin is through a conversation.

Organizational "Life Cycles" don't have to define your organizational life.

Together, we can recycle your organization with updated strategies and models.

Most organizations start, grow, and thrive before slowly stagnating into decline. The problem isn’t your organization.  It’s your strategies, methods, and plans. 

Your current strategy was most likely created for a previous reality. Models are built for moments. 

To restart your organization, let’s reset your strategy. 

“When the rate of change in your community exceeds the adaptability of your church, the only outcome is irrelevance.

– Gavin Adams

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