I help leaders work ON it,
not just IN it.

Systemic Coaching and Consulting to Help You
Work On Your Leadership, Not Just In It

Most leaders are overwhelmed with daily tasks, leaving little time for innovation, creativity, and strategic growth.

At Accelerate Consulting Advisory, we offer leadership coaching and organizational consulting designed to help you step back and work on your leadership and organization more effectively.”

“Gavin has fast-tracked my leadership growth. His unique insights into strategy, vision, and organizational change have been invaluable. His coaching has given me clarity on multiple strategic decisions that ultimately improved our organization. In addition, his coaching of our team has helped develop our overall leadership culture. My relationship with Gavin has been well worth it.”

– Bryant Golden

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.


Where do you need to work ON it?

Leadership Skills

Grow Relational Influence: Build strong, authentic relationships beyond positional authority.

Improve Communication Skills: Become a more persuasive, clear, and empathetic communicator.

Lead Change Effectively: Gain the tools and strategies to navigate change and transition with confidence.

Organizational Opportunities

Culture Transformation: Foster a positive, inclusive, and high-performing culture.

Change Management: Develop and implement customized plans to manage organizational change smoothly.

Strategic Planning: Align your organization’s goals and strategies for sustainable growth.

Let's see if working together works for you...

Initial consultations help us discuss your specific needs and challenges.

Consider Partnership Options.

Whether for leadership coaching or organizational consulting, we’ll develop a custom, systemic approach to help you thrive. 

Get to Work!

I am a partner in this venture with you and your team.

We’ll work together to implement the plan and achieve lasting success.

We're helping thousands of leaders just like you
work on it, not just in it.

About Me...

Hi. I'm Dr. Gavin Adams, an author, communicator, strategic consultant, and leadership coach helping leaders work on it, not just in it.

From the marketplace to ministry, I’ve spent my professional life pinpointing problems, innovating solutions, and implementing strategies.

After business school, I spent my first decade working as a strategist and change management consultant. 

During my 15-year ministry journey, I helped plant a church, revitalize a church, pastor a rapidly growing church, lead a mega-church, and lead a campus for a multi-site church.

My unique experiences give me an uncommon understanding of individual and organizational leadership.

I have an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a Masters of Theology and Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty University.