The Four Levels of Delegation

No leader wants to be the lid for their organization, experience burnout from attempting to manage it all, and see their staff teams flee to better opportunities. However, leaders who are unwilling or unable to delegate will experience it all, and more.

If you’re unwilling to delegate, I can’t help you.

If you are unable, I’ve got great news: Leaders who learn to give away specific responsibility and authority unleash their organization and the leaders within.

To delegate well, leaders need to define versions of delegations. I call that the Levels of Delegation.

Here is a preview of the four levels. For all the details, click for the full article.

Level 1 – Investigation
Level 2 – Informed Progress
Level 3 – Informed Results
Level 4 – Ownership

The level approach to delegation automatically gives responsibility and authority clarity.

Trust me: Your team wants to those tasks and opportunities.