7 Tips To Encourage Singing in Your Church

Do people in your church sing?

I know you play music and invite them to sing, but do they sing?

This is an important question for a church. Worship is not limited to music, but praising God through song is an element of corporate church that communicates our gratitude toward God and our desire to know him more. Music touches our soul. When effective, music touches the lost soul, too. Music is very emotional. There’s no doubt that worship through singing is an important element in our church services.

But I’m afraid our approach to worship in the modern church MAY have moved worship from participation to observation. It certainly wasn’t our intention. But inadvertently, in our effort to make church more inviting to outsiders, we may have reduced the impact of corporate worship.

So how can you engage more people in worship without losing the ability to connect with current culture and introduce new people to corporate praise?

Here are 7 tips to better engage our churches in worship: