The REAL Story: Why I Left Woodstock City Church


In this NEW POST on leadership trust and transparency, I give you 10 things trustworthy leaders always do.

I’ve wanted to write it for some time, primarily because of how many times people have asked me or those around me for the “real” reason for leaving Woodstock City Church.

There is no “real” or hidden reason.

So why did so many assume there is? Or believe I wasn’t being honest?

I believe it’s because we live in a world where most leaders aren’t trustworthy. We don’t believe we can believe what they say. Therefore, we struggle to trust leadership.

I get it.

And I think we should do something about it.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, I encourage you to give this a read. It might explain some things you’ve experienced. It may give you and your team something to discuss. Or, perhaps you’ll invite others to help you see what you might not see.

Thanks, Gavin

What I Learned Watching Ferguson.

What can Christians learn from the events in Ferguson?

Not necessarily politically or even racially, but with the Kingdom in mind, what can be learned?

Like many of you, I found myself last Monday night watching the grand jury verdict and the ensuing demonstrations (both peaceful and violent). I’m pretty sure the media was the only winner. There was little middle ground to be found. There was, however, much division. Where there is no middle ground, landmines always abound.

In the death of Michael Brown, I don’t pretend to know the details. The vast majority of us don’t, either. So as I searched for #Ferguson tweets while watching CNN’s coverage, I pondered what could be learned from this moment. Primarily as a Christian, what does this event teach us? Considering God’s concern for humanity — God’s desire to see all men know to Him — what should we learn?