Practical Advice for the Leavers and the Leaders Who Drove Them Away

WARNING: If you’re uncomfortable looking in the mirror, I suggest you pass on this post!

Here we go…

There’s been a lot of “Great Resignation” talk in the past year.

And for a good reason.

The 2020 experience created a backlog of regular job movements. More importantly, 2020 forced many of us to evaluate our current job (and career). Many people found some life reprioritization was necessary.

Two separate realities are driving these job and career transitions. Workers are either: 

1. Running to something, or
2. Running from something.

In this NEW POST, I talk about both of these realities and provide specific advice to leaders and leavers.

Quick Note: The more time I spend coaching leaders and strategically supporting churches and businesses, the more I see a need for execution. There is PLENTY of content out there, but too little implementation. That’s where I might. help you the most.

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