4 Relevant Strategies to Reclaim Church Relevance

Does your church or ministry have the “right” kind of relevance?

I wasn’t in church leadership when “relevant” became a buzzword. I assume it entered our church leader vocabulary with the invention of the “seeker sensitive” model. I grew up attending church, and I can confidently tell you that relevance and sensitivity were NOT the goals of my childhood church.

Most new models are reactions to current and perceived antiquated approaches.  That’s what launched the “relevant church.”

Now, what was once the church buzzword has become what we want to avoid. But if we aren’t careful, we’ll swing out of balance and become irrelevant. Which may be even worse.

In this NEW POST, I offer a better way to see relevance and offer 4 strategies to reclaim the right kind of church relevance.

Why Adding “For Now” Will Keep You Relevant Forever

If you’re a leader of any kind, you have a strategy or plan.

I’ve got bad news: It’s dated.

Strategies are made for moments, but moments never remain unchanged.

I wish I understood this earlier in my leadership journey.

If you have 6 minutes, give this NEW POST a read.

I think adding two words to your strategy might be the solution to bringing a renewed flexibility to your current approach.