Two Scary Reasons Church People Aren’t Coming Back to Church

If you’re a pastor or church leader, I completely believe this is worth reading.

I’ve been watching our church attendance and engagement throughout the pandemic, paying special attention to the trends after we opened our building for in-person services in February.

And I’m terrified by one trend. It’s an alarm bell that we must address right now.

Some people are coming back. Some will come back in time. But there is a group, and it may be a significant group, who aren’t coming back — not to your church or any church. They are the churched people who are about to be fully de-churched.

Why? Possibly because they spend the better part of the last year not engaged with church and their life isn’t any worse.


Life inside the local church should be distinctly better than outside. I’m afraid that hasn’t been the case for too many.

In this NEW ARTICLE, I dig deeper into who these people are and what we need to do in our church to help ensure it never happens again.

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