How You Can Help Your Community Trust Your Church Again


This post is focused on how people outside your church see your church and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

Here’s a quick glimpse. Check out the entire post for some solutions:

I subscribe to several research organizations like Gallup and Barna. Last week, Gallup sent an email with their year-end highlights that felt much more like lowlights. The article was titled “Highs and Lows of 2022, U.S. Edition.”

It was a synopsis of the “most momentous shifts in public opinion in the U.S. this year.”

Here are a few “highlights:”

1. Belief in God in U.S. Dips to 81%, a New Low
2. Americans Less Optimistic About Next Generation’s Future
3. Media Confidence Ratings at Record Lows
4. Confidence in U.S. Institutions Down; Average at New Low


These data points should terrify and encourage you if you’re a pastor or ministry leader. The terror is easier to see. We’ll get to the encouragement in the post. 

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5 Decisions Every Church Must Make

I believe the church’s mission is the most important mission on the planet.

Do you believe that, as well?

If so, this post is for you: 5 Decisions Every Church Must Make.

If you’re not ready to do some hard work to move the KIngdom forward, perhaps skipping this post is best. 😉

Also… if you read this and want to discuss these decisions, let me know. I am launching a new COURSE and MASTERCLASS on the Church Engagement Journey soon.

6 Questions to Determine if Your Strategy is Old or Obsolete

KEY QUESTION for this NEW POST: How do you know if the changes surrounding your organization dictate a strategy change in your organization?

At times, it’s easy to spot. A global pandemic is an easy example. Every strategy became immediately obsolete in March 2020.

But most community evolutions are subtle, making it much more difficult to decipher between an old model and an obsolete strategy.

As an organizational leadership coach, I could sit down with you to help determine if your model is in need of a makeover. But, since we aren’t together right now, in this NEW POST I’m giving you 6 key questions I would ask you and your team.

Of course, if you want to sit down, just reach out…