How Hamilton and Peppermint Milkshakes Can Help Your Church Strategy

Most churches have a significant problem birthed from a fundamental principle:

PRINCIPLE: When something is missable, people will miss it. 

Which leads to our problem.

PROBLEM: When church is too predictable, it becomes missable. 

If your church offers the same thing to the same group of people every week, interest, attendance, and participation will decline.

The secret is found in two little words: Scarcity and Exclusivity.

In this NEW POST, we’ll evaluate how incorporating scarcity and exclusivity could change the momentum in your church. I also give you 10 ideas (good or bad, you be the judge) for adding scarcity and exclusivity to your ministry strategy.

One more thing before you read the post: I’d love to help your figure this out in your church. Think of me as your new CSO (Chief Strategy Officer). Partnering with ministry and marketplace leaders from innovation through implementation is why I created Transformation Solutions. I’m dedicating my time to helping leaders like you discover potential problems, design strategic solutions, and deliver your preferable future. Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can serve you, your team, or your church.