Three People Every Leader Needs

Leadership is challenging.

If it were easy, I guess everyone would do it. But you are doing it. You are trying to lead the organization well, love the people well, and move things forward. 

No matter the context, leading tests every people and organizational skill in our toolbox.  

I’ve been in both marketplace and ministry point leadership. While the specifics may look different, the challenge remained the same. 

Leadership is too complex to do alone. It’s not a solo sport. None of us are smart enough to lead alone. None of us are skilled enough to lead alone. We need different perspectives. We need people around us. 

But who? The people who work for us can play a role alongside us for sure. No doubt there are people in your organization who add value to your leadership, but ultimately, that is insufficient. The people in your organization see the organization like you because they are too close to it, just like you. 

Every leader needs people from outside their organization in their life. Three people, to be specific. 

Who are the three people, you ask? I’m glad you did…

1. A counselor for the past

Counselors help us work through our past. If your past is affecting your present, it’s not really in your past. That’s where a good counselor comes in. Every leader has scars from past experiences that we bring into our current leadership realities. Counselors help you deal with the past so you can be present in the present. If you know you need a counselor, stop what you’re doing and find one right now. If you’re not sure you need a counselor, ask your spouse, friends, or staff (Hint: You do).

Word to the wise: Seeing a counselor today may keep you from needing a counselor tomorrow. This is a critical person for your life. 

2. A consultant for the present

As a leader, you need to understand the reality of your organization accurately. This includes your team, your strategies, and your missional alignment. Because most organizations tend to celebrate good news and excuse away the bad, it’s nearly impossible to assess the realities in the organization from within the organization. Consultants ask the right question to help leaders uncover problems and consider potential solutions. Consultants are experts in assessments, strategy, methods, and models.

3. A coach for the future

Finally, every leader needs a coach. Coaches help you define the future and take the best steps to get you and your organization there. Coaches are future-focused and strategic. Like consultants, they can assess and understand the present realities, but their goal is to inspire and equip leaders to achieve that personal and organizational future.

I’m a better leader when these three roles are present in my life. The most challenging days? Well, it goes without saying.

If you are a leader: Find a counselor, hire a consultant, and engage with a coach.

Could I serve as your consultant and coach?

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