5 Leadership Labeling Tips to Better Lead Your Team

How have you labeled the people around you? 

And before you suggest to yourself, “I don’t label people,” we all do it. Our brains are wired to label.

I’ve been labeled by others my life. And I’ve labeled others my entire life.

I recently was labeled in a Twitter reply. But the label isn’t really accurate.

So why did the person feel the need to label me? More, what happens when we, as leaders, label others?

In this NEW POST, we’ll look at labeling from a leadership position. Why we do it, and what we should consider.

Why Combing Your Hair Is Like Leading A Church

Why do we feel the need to label everything? Sure, some things need labels, like expiration dates on milk cartons or warning labels on fireworks. But why do we label churches? “They’re a missional church.” “They’re attractional.” “They’re traditional.” My guess is we label because we want a clear way to elevate our label over every other label, but again, that’s just a guess.