You Can’t Win Without The Right Teammates (Just Ask Matthew Stafford)

KEY IDEA: If you are a leader, that means you have followers, and they hold the secret to success.

Just ask Matthew Stafford.

In 12 seasons playing quarterback for the Detroit Lions, Stafford only played in three playoff games. And he lost all three games.

Detroit traded Stafford this past off-season to the Los Angeles Rams. He and his team just went 4 – 0 in the playoffs and finished with a Super Bowl win.

Think about that. This same guy spent 12 years losing and, in one single season on a new team, won it all. 

Football is a team sport. So is organizational leadership.

Leaders lead teams, and the team determines the success. No leader can overcome a bad team.

What leaders need is a team that complements their competencies and contributes to the organizational culture.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to do just that.

If you’re a leader, I hope this helps you evaluate your team.