It’s Time For a New Model in Your Church – 4 Spots Left!

I’ve had the opportunity to lead a few groups through a cohort learning experience: The Comprehensible Church Model.  We need a new model for our churches. The trends that appeared in 2016, 17, 18, and 19 accelerated dramatically in 2020. How we did church is no longer the way to best do church. We have […]

Why Your Hybrid Church Still Isn’t Growing

Why are NEW hybrid church efforts not reversing the trends of church decline?

Perhaps because we’ve digitized an outdated model.

The last two years hyper-focused church leaders on becoming hybrid. And while the move to hybrid is long overdue, digitizing and “hybridizing” a ministry model that was no longer working isn’t the secret to success.

I’m watching church after church after church move to be more “hybrid” while seeing their influence, attendance, and engagement continue to decline.

This can be fixed. Your church can grow again, reach those far from God and help followers grow in their faith. What you need is a comprehensive approach.

That’s why I created the Comprehensive Church Model. I’m leading churches and pastors through the model every month through cohorts. I’d love for you to join my next group.

This NEW POST is all about our current problems implementing a better hybrid church model.

If you want to learn more about the cohort, here are some details:

Here’s what you can expect from our six-session cohort:
– A small group learning experience personally facilitated by me
– A one-on-one meeting with me to discuss your specific questions and challenges.
– Planning tools and resources to make your new model teachable and executable in your church.
– A new, hybrid, and modern ministry model that you can easily implement in your church.

This Cohort will give you: 
– Meaningful ideas for connecting to your community and congregation during their 70 hours of weekly discretionary time.
– New thinking about your in-person gatherings.
– Clarity on new metrics and how discipleship pathways look in today’s world.
– An understanding of the best practices for implementing our new model.

Space is limited to 10 participants.

You may bring one additional staff member to participate in each session at no additional charge. Perhaps a programming staff or digital team member.

THE Strategic Question for Today’s Hybrid Church Model

“Hybrid Church” is the new church buzzword these days.

And churches are asking a lot of good questions about how to best become more hybrid.

Unfortunately, asking the right questions in the wrong order doesn’t yield the best results.

In this NEW ARTICLE, I discuss the hybrid church and the driving strategic question that we all must answer FIRST.

This is only a 4-minute read. I hope it’s helpful.