Six Actions to Become a More Vulnerable Leader

The below is Lesson 4 from our Leadership Lessons series.

LESSON THREE: It’s essential to be real
KEY QUESTION: How can honesty and vulnerability increase your leadership influence?

Great leaders discover their strength in their honesty. The superpower of great leaders is vulnerability. That’s a buzzword these days. Everybody talks about openness, but too few leaders are genuinely vulnerable because real vulnerability exposes us emotionally. When people get to know the “real” you, they may not like you.

But, let me ask you a critical vulnerability question: How does it feel when people like the fake you?

People who love the pretend version of you don’t love you, which is emotionally painful. When I decided to become a more vulnerable leader, people rejected me, but they rejected the real me. I discovered that it is more emotionally taxing for people to love the pretend me than leave the real me.

In this NEW POST, I outline some things bad leaders do, how to become more vulnerable as a leader, and why I have vintage skateboards hanging on my office walls.