10 Rules to Keep Creative Meetings Creative

There’s nothing worse than a creative meeting that destroys creativity.

I’ve seen this happen. I’ve caused it to happen.

Whether you’re a business leader hoping to improve a product design or a pastor designing a church service experience, opening the creative funnel is required to leverage a team’s creativity. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to limit creativity than create space for it.

How can you ensure creativity remains present in your creative meetings?

Try establishing creative team meeting rules. These rules aren’t suggestions but guardrails to ensure you or another team member don’t eliminate creativity.

10 Creative Meeting Rules

1. Don’t kill a bad idea too soon.

Bad ideas often birth spectacular breakthroughs. There are no bad ideas at the beginning of the process. Yes, there are bad ideas for sure. Any bad idea that makes it to implementation is a mistake. This is a “creative meeting,” not an “execution planning session,” therefore, bad ideas are allowed.

Rules 2 – 10 are available in the post.