Can I Ask a Favor?

QUESTION: When you think about your leadership, church, or organization, what are your greatest challenges?

I have loved working with ministry and marketplace leaders over these past few months. Few things bring me more excitement than watching others overcome obstacles, implement new strategies, and improve as a leader.

As I continue working with leaders, several common principles continue rising to the surface. I’ve compiled a list of topics (SEE POST) that I believe will serve leaders and support a flexible yet structured coaching partnership.

My experience indicates that these topics are great options for individual or group cohort coaching.

Can I ask you a favor?

I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on this list. Here are the questions I’m pondering?

1. What topics are missing?
2. What topics seem most useful?

Helping me answers those two questions will help leaders everywhere. You can give me feedback in the comments section of this post, send me an email ([email protected]), or DM me on a social platform.

Thank you in advance for helping me as I attempt to support leaders just like you.