We MUST Stop Creating Selfish Christianity!

I’ve always loved this quote.

“You win them to what you win them with.”
— Aiden Wilson Tozer

It’s been repeated with slight deviations over and over again.

I believe this quote sums up much of our current Christianity problems.

In this NEW POST, we’ll evaluate the attractional church and what we are seeing today in its place. Both are doing the same things: Creating Christianity in the image of culture.


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Why A Lady at Church Told Me to “Get Out of Her Seat”

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On to today’s new post…

People are creatures of habit.

When I attend meetings, I like to sit in the same place. I remember walking into high school and college classrooms, taking a seat, and then sitting in that seat the entire semester. Every student sat in the same seat that we selected on day one.

This behavior extends well beyond church pews and classroom seats. Most everything in our life functions from patterns, rhythms, and habits. That’s a good thing. Our brain is wired for patterns, thus creating habits.

We can get back on track when a habit is interrupted, but a new pattern forms if the routine is interrupted long enough. New behaviors take over.

Perhaps this is why people aren’t coming back to church.

Before the pandemic, many church attendees, even those who were consistent and engaged, followed a pattern and rhythm more than the mission and vision.

How are you responding to the challenge?