Why Are Christians Always So Angry?

Today, I’m writing about angry Christians for two reasons:

1. I’m a recovering angry Christian. And
2. I tend to still get angry at angry Christians.

Give this a read, and I’d love to know your thoughts.

If you’re a pastor, I suspect we could do some really great preaching on this topic!

Why Are Christians So Angry?

I couldn’t believe the comments that people posted!

My friends at churchleaders.com recently reposted an article from my blog. They’ve done this a few times. I’m happy to allow them access to anything they believe is helpful. What I wasn’t ready for was the comments that ensued. Wow! I’m glad I have thick skin!

If I remember correctly, I was called a heretic. I believe one person questioned my salvation and even suggested I prayed to Satan. It was suggested that I was ruining God’s church. That was flattering, because I didn’t realize I had that much influence! I engaged with some of the responders, but I quickly realized the futility of open conversation with angry Christians.