Course: Full Circle Discipleship

I created this course to help pastors and church leaders discover why their current approach isn’t working, design a better solution for their current community, and deliver a new church discipleship pathway.

Course Details
  • Six Video Sessions.
  • Over 4 hours of insanely practical content.
  • Plus, FREE RESOURCES, including Planning Templates, Sample 12-Month Calendars, and other resources to help you design your new model and teach the model to your team.



The Full Circle Discipleship Course contains SIX SESSIONS and FREE RESOURCES to help you remodel your church discipleship to meet the needs and context of your local community.

SESSION 1 – BUILDING A BETTER CHURCH CULTURE: In our first conversation, we’ll focus on the foundations of our communities, what’s changed, and how we must adjust.

SESSION 2 – THE CHURCH ENGAGEMENT JOURNEY: We examine a new church and discipleship model design for today’s culture and your community.

SESSION 3 – LET’S FIX THE PHYSICAL: Your in-person experiences are critical to a comprehensive discipleship pathway. But they need to change.

SESSION 4 – LET’S INTEGRATE DIGITAL: Every person has approximately 70 hours of discretionary time outside of Sunday morning. How are you leveraging this time?

SESSION 5 – DELIVERING A NEW MINISTRY MODEL: Best practices for implementing a new model, including staffing structures, funding, and metrics.

SESSION 6 – FUNDING AND VOLUNTEERING IN THE MODEL: Incorporating best practices for accelerating generosity and volunteerism within the model.