Full Circle Discipleship Session Six

SESSION SIX – ENHANCING FUNDING AND SERVING The Church Engagement Journey model is about movement and action. Thus far, we’ve discovered, designed, and discussed how to best remodel our church model. In our final conversation, we’ll discuss engaging generosity and serving within a movement model. SESSION SIX NEXT STEPS After designing your Church Engagement Journey, […]

Full Circle Discipleship Session Four

SESSION FOUR – LET’S INCORPORATE THE DIGITAL In this session, we’ll look at an extensive list of digital options, how each is designed to be used, and how each could be used in our Church Engagement Journey model.   SESSION FOUR NEXT STEPS What digital platforms are you currently using? How are you defining success […]

Full Circle Discipleship Session Five

SESSION FIVE – IMPLEMENTING THE JOURNEY IN YOUR CONTEXT The previous two sessions focused on how to rethink in-person gatherings and integrate online channels. How do you put all of this together practically and tactically? That’s the focus of this session. SESSION FIVE NEXT STEPS Spend some time planning your Annual Engagement Journey. Then document […]

Full Circle Discipleship Session Three

SESSION THREE – LET’S FIX THE PHYSICAL Digital channels play an important role in the Church Engagement Journey, but the in-person elements of your church are, and should always be, a priority. In this session, we’ll work on adjusting our in-person expressions.   SESSION THREE NEXT STEPS What element of the physical gathering needs to […]

Full Circle Discipleship Session Two

SESSION TWO – THE CHURCH ENGAGEMENT JOURNEY MODEL While our communities and context are unique, we collectively face some common issues: The death of cultural Christianity and the vast implications being perhaps the most important. In this conversation, we’ll uncover a new approach to remodel our church model.   SESSION TWO NEXT STEPS Before the […]

Full Circle Discipleship Session One

SESSION ONE – BUILDING A BETTER CHURCH MODEL In our first conversation, we’ll focus on the foundations of our communities, what’s changed, and how we must adjust. SESSION ONE NEXT STEPS Answer the Discovery Questions. Why do we exist? What do we value? What’s working? What’s not working? What’s missing? What’s confusing? Consider how much […]

Full Circle Discipleship Overview

ARE YOU READY TO REACH YOUR COMMUNITY, MAKE DISCIPLES, AND ACCOMPLISH YOUR MISSION LIKE NEVER BEFORE?  I created this course to help you and your church add more intention to your mission by evaluating your approach to your community.   FREE RESOURCES  You’ll find all your free resources in the “Course Materials” tab at the […]

Leadership Toolbox Session Six

SESSION SIX – PRESENTATION SKILLS Eventually, leadership comes with a microphone. Great communication is a combination of compelling content and engaging presentation. In this session, we’ll uncover how to do both well.

Leadership Toolbox Session Five

SESSION FIVE – CHANGE LEADERSHIP Change management is a process that took root in the 1990s, yet even with all these change management resources at our fingertips, successful change is rarely experienced.

Leadership Toolbox Session Four

SESSION FOUR – ACCOUNTABILITY  Leaders want to hold people accountable. But is that even possible? Accountability is more an internal decision than an external force. What leaders must learn to do is inspire accountability.