Masterclass: Filling Your Leadership Toolbox

Welcome to the Leadership Toolbox Masterclass Resource Hub I’m excited to begin this journey to better leadership with you. Although your leadership situation or circumstance may be unique, the skills required to lead effectively are not. In this course, we will cover six specific skills you need to lead well. Free Resources I’ve created FREE […]

Masterclass: Full Circle Discipleship

Welcome to the Full Circle Discipleship Masterclass Content I’m excited to be on this journey to reach more people and grow more disciples. The content in this Masterclass allows you to review all the content and download the free resources. Free Resources You can find all the FREE RESOURCES in the “Materials” tab above.  

Masterclass: The Funding Funnel that Funds Your Church

The Funding Funnel that Funds Your Church Masterclass I created this masterclass group experience for leaders and pastors who want generosity to be an outcome of discipleship rather than the objective of their church. Unfortunately, funding will become your mission if you can’t fund your mission. My goal for you is to understand how moments […]

Masterclass: Preaching With Purpose

The Preaching with Purpose Masterclass I’m excited to begin this journey with you. My goal is to help you better understand the art and science of preaching AND bring your best self to your next sermon. As we’ll discuss, all communication is a combination of information and presentation. We must get both corrected to be […]